Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deals and Steals

I'm going to try to post some handy coupon codes now and then for some of my favorite green things. 

Here's Round #1:

gDiapers: Use code GoodFriend for an additional $30 off the sale price of the everyday g's pack...  that's 6 little g pants for just $40!!!  Valid through December 11th. Use code FRND10 at checkout to receive 10% off you entire order.  BTW, if you've never shopped this site, they have more than just bags.  One use per customer through December 14th at midnight (CST).  Coupon valid on sale items, too

You'll find great deals we landed from our suppliers - passing huge savings on to you (combined with this coupon, you can save over 50% on select items)! Plus, save on overstocked customer favorites & best sellers and special introductory prices on new items. Outstanding reusables at great prices. If you see something you like, don't wait - popular items tend to sell out.

We've lowered our shipping prices:  Reminder for the holidays - we're offering flat rate shipping for $5.95 & FREE shipping on orders over $75. (Domestic orders only, etc. details).

Seventh Generation: Lots of great green products for your home, from diapers to cleaning products, etc.
Save 15% on Seventh Generation Product Kits

Give the gift of Seventh Generation this holiday season, and help your friends and family protect their environments. Now through January 15, you can save 15% on our Healthy Home, Free & Clear, and Green Baby kits, which come with a free tote bag. Click here for more information and to purchase. Use code SGKITS15 at checkout. Helping someone switch to a natural clean is a gift you can feel good about.

ebates: I can't forget my favorite site for online shopping!  I've saved over $200 since I joined ebates simply by visiting this site before I shop at all my favorite online stores!  It's so easy.  Sign up today!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas...

OK, not really, I love the snow!  But I also love to save some green ($) and try to minimize the environmental impact of our celebration, too.

I've mentioned this before... buy reusable bags to use for gift bags.  I stocked up on some really cute ones at the Disney Store (good for the young 'uns and the young-at-heart), but everyone seems to have them now, so grab the cute ones when you see them.  I've noticed Christmas and Hannukah themed bags at Wegman's, but I'm thinking,"Who's actually going to use these after December???" so I don't know if going with a holiday-themed bag is best.  But have fun!  Even if you use gift bags instead of wrapping paper, chances are that they can be re-used over and over again before they're too beat up.  I know it works in our family!

I'm also thinking... Live Tree.  If you're not allergic.  I know, you might be thinking, "What's wrong with a fake tree?  You re-use it year after year."  Fake trees are made from the dreaded petroleum-derived plastic, polyvinyl chloride (or PVC), whose production produces all kinds of carcinogens.  Many of our fake trees also contain lead and other fun ingredients, which are combined to make your tree, not in the USA, but in China.  Of course.  My favorite solution to the real tree thing is to buy one with its roots still intact and re-plant it in your yard after the holidays.  There's a win-win!  I remember my family doing that a number of times when I was a kid.  I also read (in an ad, so...) that young trees are more efficient at oxygen production, so by purchasing a live tree and creating more room to plant new ones, you are actually helping the environment.  I didn't research this last statement, but it sounds good to me!  :)

Since I've had children, I don't have hours to roam the malls looking for the perfect gift for each person on my list.  They don't have the patience for shopping that I do.  But the Internet is my friend!  Use the Internet to plan your shopping trips to cut down on repeated trips or running all over town.  Research the best deals ahead of time.  Also, the Internet is a great tool for finding green toys and clothing that aren't always readily available at the brick-and-mortar stores yet.  Now I know, if you do all your shopping online, you are requiring the FedEx or UPS truck to make stops at your house, but...  I think it all comes down to planning.

OK, the children are requiring my attention, so any further thoughts I have on this subject will need to wait.  Please comment if you have other ideas!