Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cloth Diaper Stinkies

It was bound to happen -- we got the stinkies. Ugh! Worst part? I caused it! I was reading something online, and the poster said something about since we're dealing with poop, etc., two tablespoons of Rockin Green wouuld be better than one. So I started using two instead of one. Hello, detergent buildup. Hello, stinkies!

We are working on getting rid of them. I put all the diapers in the laundry sink with a squirt of Dawn and then rinsed like crazy. That didn't work for some reason. I called for help. I ended up soaking everything overnight with Funk Rock and then washing with Rocking Green (1 tablespoon!). Now I use a tablespoon of Funk Rock with my prerinse cycle, a tablespoon of Classic Rock in my hot wash, and then I do another wash with no soap. I've done two rounds of washing since I decided to take action with my stinkies. I was told it might take me a little while to get rid of them completely. Each time, it's a little better.

Lesson learned. Sometimes, less is more!

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