Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If I had it all to do over again...

Another cloth diaper entry, because after 8+ months of fulltime cloth diapering, I'm still learning. We are loyal gDiaper users, because they worked great for our now 3 1/2-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, we have one and off issues with our son. Can't explain them. I just don't know. For various reasons, in addition to our gDiapers, we've also tried a variety of other diapers -- one of these here, one of those there. I have two new favorites.

One of the diapers I currently love is my GroVia. We only have one in our stash, with airplanes all over it. I love the fit on our son, the snaps are easy to use, and it's the kind of diaper that's easy for anyone to use.

The other diaper I'm a big fan of at the moment is my AppleCheeks. I also only have one of these. Also a great fit, easy snaps, and easy for anyone. This diaper is an envelope style (similar to a pocket, but the opening is in the middle of the diaper, rather than at the back) and comes in just two sizes. We are in the larger Size 2 now.

So just my two cents on the whole cloth thing. They say gDiapers work for everyone, and it's probably true, but it's more work for some babies than others. I'm a fan of GroVia and AppleCheeks now too.

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