Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We love our gDiapers!

Most of my motion toward "green" is inspired by my daughters and their well-being. My first-born wore disposable diapers until she learned to use the toilet. By the time #2 came around, I knew there had to be a better option, but with working full-time and everything we had going on, I didn't feel ready to delve into the world of cloth diapering. Then we discovered gDiapers... the perfect compromise between cloth and disposable diapers and, for many, the gateway to the world of cloth diapering.

gDiapers consist of three parts: cute little outer pants in lots of fun colors and patterns, a snap-in waterproof liner, and a biodegradable insert that you can flush, compost (the wet ones), or toss.

gLove is a little bit like a sickness, because I've never met anyone who loves disposable diapers the way cloth-diapering and g-diapering mamas love their diapers. I admit it, I will be sad when Ashtyn stops needing to wear those adorable, colorful little g pants. I'm sorry, but that fluffy little bum is just too cute!

I love that in 500 years, when Ryleigh's Pampers are still lying around in some landfill, Ashtyn's g's will have decomposed in less than 3 months. I love that my daughter is not exposed to so many harmful chemicals, that diaper rashes only happen when she eats something that is a little rough on the exit, and that the rash goes away quickly. I love that I can compost the wet diapers. I love that the people at gHeadquarters are so helpful, that their website is full of awesome information, training videos, and they give you no reason not to try g's!


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